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2016Altered Modulation of Silent Period in Tongue Motor Cortex of Persistent Developmental Stuttering in Relation to Stuttering SeverityBusan, Pierpaolo ; Del Ben, Giovanni; Bernardini, Simona; Natarelli, Giulia; Bencich, Marco; Monti, Fabrizio; Manganotti, Paolo ; Battaglini, Piero Paolo
2020Developmental stuttering and the role of the supplementary motor cortexBusan, Pierpaolo 
2-Dec-2018PolyMorph: Increasing the Spelling Efficiency of P300 by Selection Matrix PolyMorphism and Sentence-Based PredictionsCasagrande, Alberto; Jarmolowska, Joanna; Turconi, Marcello Maria; Busan, Pierpaolo ; Fabris, Francesco; Battaglini, Piero Paolo
2018Separating the Idea from the Action: A sLORETA StudyRakusa, Martin; Busan, Pierpaolo ; Battaglini, Piero Paolo; Zidar, Janez
2019Stuttering as a matter of delay in neural activation: A combined TMS/EEG studyBusan, Pierpaolo ; Del Ben, Giovanni; Russo, Lucia Roberta; Bernardini, Simona; Natarelli, Giulia; Arcara, Giorgio ; Manganotti, Paolo ; Battaglini, Piero Paolo
2018Stuttering-like hesitation in speech during acute/post-acute phase of immune-mediated encephalitisDinoto, Alessandro; Busan, Pierpaolo ; Formaggio, Emanuela ; Bertolotti, Claudio; Menichelli, Alina; Stokelj, David; Manganotti, Paolo