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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Anxiety and Depression in Children With Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, Reading Disabilities, or Typical DevelopmentMammarella, Irene C; Ghisi, Marta ; Bomba, Monica; Bottesi, Gioia ; Caviola, Sara; Broggi, Fiorenza; Nacinovich, Renata
1-Jul-2018Are difficulties in emotion regulation and intolerance of uncertainty related to negative affect in borderline personality disorder?Bottesi, Gioia ; Tesini, Veronica; Cerea, Silvia ; Ghisi, Marta 
Sep-2018Body dysmorphic disorder and its associated psychological and psychopathological features in an Italian community sampleCerea, Silvia ; Bottesi, Gioia ; Grisham, Jessica R; Ghisi, Marta 
2017Cognitive vulnerabilities in parents as a potential risk factor for anxiety symptoms in young adult offspring: An exploration of looming cognitive styleRiskind, John H; Sica, Claudio; Bottesi, Gioia ; Ghisi, Marta ; Kashdan, Todd B
1-Dec-2019Construct validity of “Not Just Right Experiences”: results from a picture-based assessment procedureSica, Claudio; Bottesi, Gioia ; Caudek, Corrado; Marchetti, Igor; Orsucci, Antonella; Palmieri, Giulia; Righi, Stefania; Ghisi, Marta 
May-2019The cross-cultural and transdiagnostic nature of unwanted mental intrusionsPascual-Vera, Belén; Akin, Burcin; Belloch, Amparo; Bottesi, Gioia ; Clark, David A; Doron, Guy; Fernández-Alvarez, Héctor; Ghisi, Marta ; Gómez, Beatriz; Inozu, Mujgan; Jiménez-Ros, Antonia; Moulding, Richard; Ruiz, M Angeles; Shams, Giti; Sica, Claudio
1-Jan-2017Development and validation of the questionario sul dismorfismo corporeo in an Italian community sampleCerea, Silvia ; Bottesi, Gioia ; Granziol, Umberto ; Ghisi, Marta 
2017Dispositional and situational coping among individuals with alcohol use disorderCerea, Silvia ; Bottesi, Gioia ; Grisham, Jessica R; Vieno, Alessio ; Ghisi, Marta 
1-Mar-2020Familial Patterns of Intolerance of Uncertainty: Preliminary Evidence in Female University StudentsBottesi, Gioia ; Gürdere, Ceren; Cerea, Silvia ; Sica, Claudio; Ghisi, Marta 
2015Formal psychological assessment in evaluating depression: a new methodology to build exhaustive and irredundant adaptive questionnairesSerra, Francesca; Spoto, Andrea ; Ghisi, Marta ; Vidotto, Giulio 
Sep-2020Health-Related Lifestyles, Substance-Related Behaviors, and Sexual Habits Among Italian Young Adult Males: An Epidemiologic StudyFlesia, Luca; Cavalieri, Francesca; Angelini, Stefano; Bottesi, Gioia ; Ghisi, Marta ; Tonon, Enrico; Roldan, Agustina Perez; Di Nisio, Andrea ; Garolla, Andrea ; Ferlin, Alberto; Foresta, Carlo 
Dec-2010In search of specificity: "not just right experiences" and obsessive-compulsive symptoms in non-clinical and clinical Italian individualsGhisi, Marta ; Chiri, Luigi Rocco; Marchetti, Igor; Sanavio, Ezio ; Sica, Claudio
2019"The Italian Study on Recovery 2" Phase 1: Psychometric Properties of the Recovery Assessment Scale (RAS), Italian Validation of the Recovery Assessment ScaleBoggian, Ileana ; Lamonaca, Dario ; Ghisi, Marta ; Bottesi, Gioia ; Svettini, Alessandro; Basso, Luigi; Bernardelli, Katia; Merlin, Silvia ; Liberman, Robert Paul
Jul-2015The Italian version of the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales-21: Factor structure and psychometric properties on community and clinical samplesBottesi, Gioia ; Ghisi, Marta ; Altoè, Gianmarco ; Conforti, Erica; Melli, Gabriele; Sica, Claudio
15-Mar-2019“I’m Uncertain: What Should I Do?”: an Investigation of Behavioral Responses to Everyday Life Uncertain SituationsBottesi, Gioia ; Carraro, Eleonora; Martignon, Anna; Cerea, Silvia ; Ghisi, Marta 
Feb-2014A new Italian questionnaire to assess caregivers of cancer patients' satisfaction with palliative care: multicenter validation of the post mortem questionnaire-short formPartinico, Manuela ; Corà, Alice ; Ghisi, Marta ; Ouimet, Allison J; Visentin, Marco 
2018Non-weight-related body image concerns and Body Dysmorphic Disorder prevalence in patients with Anorexia NervosaCerea, Silvia ; Bottesi, Gioia ; Grisham, Jessica R; Ghisi, Marta 
Apr-2015"Not Just Right Experiences" are specific to obsessive-compulsive disorder: further evidence from Italian clinical samplesSica, Claudio; Bottesi, Gioia ; Orsucci, Antonella; Pieraccioli, Caterina; Sighinolfi, Cecilia; Ghisi, Marta 
1-Jan-2014Part 1-You can run but you can't hide: Intrusive thoughts on six continentsRadomsky, Adam S.; Alcolado, Gillian M.; Abramowitz, Jonathan S.; Alonso, Pino; Belloch, Amparo; Bouvard, Martine; Clark, David A.; Coles, Meredith E.; Doron, Guy; Fernández-Álvarez, Hector; Garcia-Soriano, Gemma; Ghisi, Marta ; Gomez, Beatriz; Inozu, Mujgan; Moulding, Richard; Shams, Giti; Sica, Claudio; Simos, Gregoris; Wong, Wing
1-Jan-2014Part 2. They scare because we care: The relationship between obsessive intrusive thoughts and appraisals and control strategies across 15 citiesMoulding, Richard; Coles, Meredith E.; Abramowitz, Jonathan S.; Alcolado, Gillian M.; Alonso, Pino; Belloch, Amparo; Bouvard, Martine; Clark, David A.; Doron, Guy; Fernández-Álvarez, Héctor; García-Soriano, Gemma; Ghisi, Marta ; Gómez, Beatriz; Inozu, Mujgan; Radomsky, Adam S.; Shams, Giti; Sica, Claudio; Simos, Gregoris; Wong, Wing