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2016Automatic identification of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, ischaemic heart disease, heart failure and their levels of severity from Italian General Practitioners' electronic medical records: a validation studyGini, Rosa; Schuemie, Martijn J; Mazzaglia, Giampiero; Lapi, Francesco; Francesconi, Paolo; Pasqua, Alessandro; Bianchini, Elisa ; Montalbano, Carmelo; Roberto, Giuseppe; Barletta, Valentina; Cricelli, Iacopo; Cricelli, Claudio; Dal Co, Giulia; Bellentani, Mariadonata; Sturkenboom, Miriam; Klazinga, Niek
2014Can Italian healthcare administrative databases be used to compare regions with respect to compliance with standards of care for chronic diseases?Gini, Rosa; Schuemie, Martijn J; Francesconi, Paolo; Lapi, Francesco; Cricelli, Iacopo; Pasqua, Alessandro; Gallina, Pietro ; Donato, Daniele ; Brugaletta, Salvatore; Donatini, Andrea; Marini, Alessandro; Cricelli, Claudio; Damiani, Gianfranco; Bellentani, Mariadonata; van der Lei, Johan; Sturkenboom, Miriam C J M; Klazinga, Niek S
2014Systematic age-related differences in chronic disease management in a population-based cohort study: a new paradigm of primary care is requiredBuja, Alessandra ; Damiani, Gianfranco; Gini, Rosa; Visca, Modesta; Federico, Bruno; Donato, Daniele ; Francesconi, Paolo; Marini, Alessandro; Donatini, Andrea; Brugaletta, Salvatore; Baldo, Vincenzo ; Donata Bellentani, Maria