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1-Jan-2014The country's crime rate moderates the relation between authoritarian predispositions and the manifestations of authoritarianism: A multilevel, multinational studyRoccato, Michele; Vieno, Alessio ; Russo, Silvia
1-Mar-2020Intergroup contact and prejudice toward immigrants: A multinational, multilevel test of the moderating role of individual conservative values and cultural embeddednessBarni, Daniela; Cavazza, Nicoletta; Russo, Silvia; Vieno, Alessio; Roccato, Michele
1-Jan-2016Living in a Non-Communist Versus in a Post-Communist European Country Moderates the Relation Between Conservative Values and Political Orientation: A Multilevel StudyBarni, Daniela; Vieno, Alessio ; Roccato, Michele
1-Jan-2014Multiple sources of adolescents' conservative values: A multilevel studyBarni, Daniela; Vieno, Alessio ; Rosnati, Rosa; Roccato, Michele; Scabini, Eugenia
1-Sep-2011Perceived community disorder moderates the relation between victimization and fear of crimeRoccato, Michele; Russo, Silvia; Vieno, Alessio 
1-Sep-2011The unemployment rate moderates the relation between victimization and fear of crimeVieno, Alessio ; Russo, Silvia; Roccato, Michele
2018Validation of the revised Food Neophobia Scale (FNS-R) in the Italian contextGuidetti, Margherita; Carraro, Luciana ; Cavazza, Nicoletta; Roccato, Michele